Alemlube Lockable Diesel Storage & Dispensing Kits 200ltr

SKU: MP.20040PA

$1,429.80 + GST

The new Alemlube lockable diesel refuelling storage & dispensing kits have been designed adopting the very latest diesel fuel tank design cues resulting in a practical, user friendly shape that is easy to handle and versatile in its application.

  • Lockable and secure
  • Heavy duty polyethylene tank
  • Unique user friendly design
  • Dispensing kit components security
  • 12V Italian manufactured pump
  • 4m long antistatic fuel delivery hose
  • 2 metre long battery cables
  • Built in nozzle holster
  • Auto shut off nozzle
  • Forklift lifting points
  • Tie down capability
  • Tank baffles aid vehicle stability
  • Suits all single and twin cab utes
  • Dispensing rates of up to 50 L/min
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