Berti TSB Mulcher

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Berti TSB General Purpose Mulchers Range – Farm Machinery

Single rotor high body grain and stubble/general purpose scrub mulcher and grass topperUniversal 10mm Y-shaped flails on 159mm diameter rotorAdjustable skidsFront chainsCounter combs(New model with HD rotor lugs and 10mm flails)Small stubby tailgate'T' hammers availableLarge diameter rotor from TSB250 upwards (203mm diameter)

What people say about Berti TSB Mulchers...'We looked at other brands, but bought a Berti because they are a lot more solid, they have a good history, and a guy that used to work for us has one and swears by it. With a Berti pasture mulcher, it allows the animals to get in and graze where they don't normally go. The rushes die out, and the grass thickens up to become lush, top quality pasture.' - Organic Farmer

The Berti mulcher is no ordinary mulcher.  Take Canterbury farmer Bill Wilson who purchased a Berti TSB 300.  He used it amongst stones and rubble and the Berti doesn't flinch... 'I can use if for topping paddocks and stones don't affect it like an ordinary mower; they don't get thrown against the tractor and it mulches the weeds very well.'  Bill talks with nothing but positive comments for his Berti.  'We had a paddock of Horehound and I used it on that in amongst stones and it's done a fantastic job.   'It can handle stones without knocking it around and it's very robust....That's all we use it for and it's working very well.'