Fence-Pro Farmtek Post Rammer | Post Driver

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Special Price $10,200
  • Fencing to do? Don’t wait for the contractor! Save time and money – try it yourself!
  • Fence Pro – leaders in the Post Rammers and Post Drivers.
  • The Farmtek has a larger pivot pin designed to allow a heavier 200kg block to do those jobs that require just ‘that much more’ force.
  • Fully hydraulic, Functional, Faster.
  • What people say about Fence-Pro Postrammers…

“I’ve got 2 Fencepro Post drivers now, my oldest one is 8 years old and I have never touched it. I love being able to rear mount or side mount them, they suit what I do” Fencing Contractor, Northland

Standard features

Adjustable feet, 4m mast, 60mm pin, 200kg block, Hydraulic side tilt, Hydraulic top link, Hydraulic block ram, 40 degree side tilOptions… 4.5m mast, Hinged mast, Hydraulic ram for hinged mast, Side mount 420mm, 600mm, 900mm, Bolt on post puller, Rear shift. Made in New Zealand. Contact Mech Agriculture now, on 06 356 8781 – your farm machinery specialists.