Fence Pro Ultra G2 Post Rammer | Post Driver

SKU: _21

The Ultra G2 model pile drive is often referred to as the ultimate post driving machine.  It has been designed and engineered to meet the demands that any professional fence will put upon it...Very user friendly in the most vigorous and demanding situations. Combine the standard features and upgrade options to specify a machine to meet your requirements. Will finish the toughest of jobs quickly. Minimum amount of effort required.
  • Adjustable feet 4m mast 75mm pin 260kg block (with nylon slides)
  • Hydraulic side tilt
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Hydraulic block ram53 degree side tilt
  • Upgrades...4.5m mast 4.8m mast
  • Mast shift Hinged mast Hinged mast ram kit
  • Sidemount 420mm, 600mm, 900mmRock spike extractor
  • Rockspike options 65mm, 90mm, 120mm
  • Post puller AugerRear shift Block upgrades 295kg, 340kgLeg roller
  • What people say about Fence-Pro Postrammers...
"I have found Fence Pro Postdrivers to suit our application very well.  Our oldest Fencepro Postdriver is a 2003 model and has driven in excess of 80,000 posts, most of these being in very hard conditions where spiking is essential.  The Fencepro post drivers have proven their durability to withstand this constant abuse within our operation.  Apart from fair wear and tear we have done very little repairs to any of the postdrivers.  I have found the Fence-Pro brand to offer extremely good value for money and would have no hesitation to recommend them to anyone wishing to purchase a new post driver" - Fencing Contractor, Canterbury