HOOPER Douglas Chain Harrow

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HOOPER Douglas Chain Harrow

The Hooper Douglas Chain Harrow is ideal for general Harrowing or levelling, giving even ground coverage & prepares fine, level seedbeds, great for pasture renovation & manure spreading. Round rings with spikes rotate for even wear

Available in:

12mm (drag weights +$69ea)

16mm (drag weights included)

20mm (drag weights included)

24mm (drag weights included)

  NZ made #Best seller for 85+ years The original Hooper Douglas Chain Harrow design has been proven for over eighty years. It gives overall even ground coverage and prepares fine, level seedbeds. This popular harrow rejuvenates tired pastures and encourages and stimulates all grass growth. The Hooper Douglas Chain Harrow allows complete coverage of all ground contours by means of round welded rings joined with spiked links - the popular ten foot set has 320 ground contact points, a feature which also minimizes wear, as the rings rotate when the harrow is in operation. For general harrowing over cultivated ground, or hitched up behind your disc harrows, the Hooper Douglas Chain Harrow leaves an even, level finish. If extra smoothing is required, the harrow can be turned upside down and used as a covering harrow.   Click here to see Douglas Chain ATV Harrow
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