Hustler Softhands LM100 Round Bale Handler

SKU: _139

From $3,590,  LM100 is affordable for any farmer handling 50-1000 bales each year.

Nothing handles round bales better than Hustler’s LM100 Softhands. That’s because we’ve worked with high-end contractors to perfect the hand shape and designed them specifically for wrapped round bales. And the optional, patented floating equaliser gives you precise control, without disturbing the adjacent bales.

  • Bale Size Round: Up to 1.8 m
  • Max Opening/Closing: 1.8 m/0.2 m
  • Bale Weight: Up to 1000 kg
  • Unit Weight: 150 kg
  • Great for round bales
  • Super compact design means bales are held close to the tractor
  • Slim profile hands allow very close stacking
  • Excellent visibility
  • 5 year Hustler warranty