HW Maxi T80 – 8 Tonne Tip Trailer

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HW Maxi T80 – 8 Tonne Tip Trailer

The RTRA* rocker axle makes for easy towing, assists steering, reduces tyre damage and trailer bounce, 

- Dimensions: Deck Size: 4m x 2.4m Deck Thickness: 6mm Steel, Deck Height: 1m

- Payload: 8 Tonne

- Tailgate auto trip release with spreading chains

- 400mm high, two piece, hinged, double skin removable sides

- Extra high tailgate pivots to empty lumpy loads easily

- 500mm high headboard

- Swivel two eye, height adjustable and replacable

- Built-in tie rails

- RTRA* tandem rocker axle with 400/60x15.5 tyres

- Steep 55 degree tipping angle, 

- Multi stage ram, 

- Mainframe is 200x100x6 RHS

- Powder coated finish, any colour to suit your tractor!


*Radial Tuned Rocker Axle

Quality New Zealand Made Equipment

24 Months Warranty

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