Maxam 2500IV Mower

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The Maxam 2500IV's compact design makes it well-suited for all skill levels and perfect for everyday use. Setting up and using them is quick and hassle-free, and there's no need to fold them for transport.
  • The Maxam 2500IV ensures a clean cut, promoting rapid and even grass growth after mowing.
  • The mower's design effectively lifts the grass flattened by the tractor wheel.
  • The wilter spread efficiently collects cut grass from the drums and spreads it out for thorough coverage.
  • The fast wilting time results in high-quality forage, allowing you to cut, condition, and spread grass in a single pass.
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    For dairy farmers, the 2500IV is ideal for precutting grass into rows before feeding it to cows. This process enhances wilting, increases sugar content (providing more energy), and minimizes the risk of bloat.

    After cows have grazed, farmers typically use the 2500IV for topping to spread dung and ensure quick, even regrowth. This multipurpose mower is versatile, handling tasks such as mowing silage, baleage, and hay, as well as topping to control thistles and Kaikuyu. Easy to set up and operate, the 2500IV consistently delivers excellent results.

    Key features of the Maxam 2500IV include a spring-loaded breakaway, independent belt adjustment, and a compact design for user convenience, along with a spring-loaded top link system.

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