Morris Chain Bar Oil 20L


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Cutter Bar (ET) Chainsaw Oil is designed to meet all lumber industry, forestry, wood yard and estate management requirements where a heavily tackified product is required for reduced ‘fling off’. Provides excellent corrosion protection and improved chain performance in a wide range of climatic conditions.

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  • Reduce wear on cutter bar chain and sprockets.
  • Reduce buildup of messy foam
  • High resistant to fling from fast moving parts.
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection.
  Applications Cutter Bar (ET) Chainsaw Oil is recommended for use in all chain lubrication systems where a product of this type is recommended or suitable.   Physical Characteristics  
  • Appearance may vary between batches
  • Relative density @ 15.6°C 0.875
  • Kinematic viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 17.1
  • Closed flash point (°C) 170
    *Figures based on average production values
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