Rata Hydraulic Action Mole Plough

SKU: _84

* RRP $5,400 – Special price $5,290, clean exit model, in stock.

Rata Hydraulic Action mole ploughs are designed for fast, efficient sub soil drainage where a suitable clay subsoil is found. Leaving a very clean entry and exit from the ground, the long robust frame with a full floating headstock allows for ground contour following. Contact Mech Agriculture now, on 06 356 8781.

  • Optional double headstock for higher horse power machines to pull two mole ploughs at one time, set at 1.8m apart.
  • Optional coulter can be fitted to your purchase for pre cutting the grass or trash in front of the blade.
  • High wearing shin and point give the ground engaging parts the life you would expect.
  • Shear bolt leg protection saves the machine from hidden underground obstruction.
  • Designed to transfer ground water to field tiles or open drains in soils.