REDBACK Heavy Duty Hydraulic Folding Land Leveller


Want quality, robust farm machinery?  That’s what you get with Redback!  All Redback’s products  are made right here in New Zealand to suit a vast range of uses.

  • 150mm RHS & 180mm channel with clearance blocks,
  • Welded angle wear edge,
  • Floatation rear wheels,
  • Front 2ptL swivel,
  • Provision for rear drawbar,
  • Hydraulic fold wings,
  • Transport width 2.75m.
  • Available in 4.0m (13'), 4.5m (15'), 5.0m (16'7'), 5.5m (18'), 6.0m (20').
  • Optional extras; Tine assembly - manual or hydraulic adjust, Rear parallelogram drawbar, Rear hydraulic remotes, Upgrade to 400 wide tyres.

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