Walco Allspread 500 Simple Drive ATV Fertiliser Spreader

SKU: _24

  • UV and corrosion-resistant hopper and guards for longer service
  • Robust construction which is hot-dip galvanised for durability
  • Stainless steel shutter means no maintenance
  • Extra bearing above gearbox for longer service
  • Dished spinner and adjustable fins for even spreading and even growth
  • Mudgards to keep mud off operator, bike and machine
  • Adjustable drawbar keeps machine level for safety
  • XPVC hopper cover for economy
  • Simple-drive gearbox - operate from quad seat for convenience (Pin drive also available - enquire here).
  • Specs...Tyres 20/11 Floatation
  • Working width 10mThrow width 15m (at 20km/hr Urea)
  • Hopper capacity...500 Litres10 x 40kg bag of Urea/400kg of Urea
  • DAP 500kg/Superphosphate 555kgLime 680kg
  • 2 year warranty.Made in New Zealand.
  • Options... Polyethylene hard lid for long life Swivel drawbar for safety 20/10-8