Morris XEP 80w-90 Oil – 5L or 25L


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  • Specially for limited slip-diff gearboxes
  • Extreme pressure gear oil

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Morris XEP 80w/90 Limslip/Limited slip differential and final drive oil is an extreme pressure (EP) mineral based gear oil incorporating friction modifiers to protect the critical mechanisms of limited slip differentials.  In addition to it's high load carrying capability, XEP 80w90 will protect against rust and corrosion and has a low foaming tendency.  Shock loading occurs when one of the driven wheels looses traction and the differential locks redistributing the drive equally.  Standard API GL5 gear oils are unable to cope with this extreme condition and therefore it is necessary to use a proper limited slip differential oil to promote long component life.

  • Imported from United Kingdom.
  • Morris - Tradition in excellence since 1869.

What people say about this product

  • "The diffs ran so hot that I couldn't hold my hand on the diff housing after a hard days work.  After changing to Morris EP 80w/90 Gear oil, the diff temps dropped by 25°C.  Absolutely amazing!"  - Consumer
  • "Use in Hilux's and stuff that requires servicing every 30,000kms.  Doesn't chatter.  Additives are doing their job" - Auto servicer, Wairarapa
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