XP Boomjet Boomless Flat Spray Nozzle

SKU: SV.5880-3/4-2TOC..

$699.00 + GST

Type 5880 Boomjet Nozzle is used for spraying areas not easily accessed with a boom sprayer.  It combines two off-center tips and three VeeJet nozzles to produce an overall wide swath flat spray. The nozzle ssembly provides good distribution considering the wide pattern coverage obtained; however the uniformity is not as good as with a properly operated boom sprayer.  Uniformity can be optimised by double overlapping spray swaths on successive sprayer passes.  Remember this also doubles the application volume. Supplied with one additional 1/4' NPT pipe plug and one blank tip for setting BoomJet to one side only.  Also has a 1/4' NPT pressure gauge port. Order online now and receive FREE FREIGHT!*  
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