Hustler Applic8r Mounted Boom Sprayer

SKU: _95

  • Applic8r by Hustler. New Zealand made Tractor Sprayer (Made in NZ).
  • Available in 1150L, 890L or 680L.
  • Compact and built to last
  • Easy To Use
  • Ultimate Agitation
  • Functional
  • Boom! – When it comes to booms, you’re spoiled for choice! Three radical new booms, along with New Zealand’s toughest, the DuraBoomTM giving you the Hustler edge.

What others are saying...

'The new Katipo range could have been aptly named the Smart Sprayer range, because of its simplicity and the fact it was designed with the Kiwi farmer in mind. It's also been developed and tested to a very high standard with no leaf left unturned. I was very impressed with the looks and features of this machine' Farm Trader test, Hawkes Bay