Rata 304 Panerazor

SKU: _89

304 Panerazer - the most popular model from the Rata aeration range.  The innovation double bar 'v' frame design allows the user to pull more with less.  It's massive robust construction including 14mm shear bolt leg protection and a heavy duty linkage is designed for the toughest working conditions and high horse power tractors.  The 16mm legs have shin guards attached, giving clean results while easily cutting through the soil.
  • Fully welded leg mounting plates
  • Heavy duty floating roller and arms
  • Strong 16mm lower link plates
  • Standard pasture footLeg shin guards
  • Greasable roller arm linkage150 x 150 RHS main frame
  • Turnbuckle depth control
  • Optional winged foot
  • Optional chain with water filled roller
  • Optional crumbler roller
  • Optional single arm, taper bearing coulters