Uniwipe Ultragrime Biodegradable Industrial Wipes


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Uniwipe Ultragrime Biodegradable Industrial Wipes

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Who says that cleaning with disposable wipes has to be harmful to the environment? The fabrics we use in the UltraGrime® Pro Bio wipes are 100% plastic free, and created from plant-based biodegradable fibres which will biodegrade within 6 months in the right conditions. With recyclable packaging, these are the perfect solution if you have tough messes to clean but don’t want to use harmful chemicals and plastic products.

The secret is in the cleansing formula and wipe construction that’s tough on dirt yet gentle on the environment. The formula is alcohol-free, meaning it won’t dry out your skin, and the infused vitamin E and aloe extract is actually kind to your skin. Do your bit for the environment and our future by using UltraGrime® Pro Bio Clothwipes.

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