Ultragrime Industrial Wipes – Box of 6


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Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes – Box of 6

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Large, strong and effective on even the most stubborn oil, paint, grease and ink, Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes are designed for people and surfaces. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never use any other brand again.

100 huge wipesQuick clean-up – removes grease, paint, silicone, foam and adhesivesSuper-soft, strong and absorbentVery low foamingUnique grease-busting abilityRecyclable packagingEats through oil, grease and grimeSuper-size wipes 38cm x 25cm for speedy cleaningHand safeSafe to use on all surfacesDispenses one wipe at a timeDermatologically testedAlcohol-free with Vitamin E and Aloe extractLarge absorbency capacityFlexible packaging for less wasteSuper-strong pouches that stand up to any environmentUltragrime collects the dirt like microfibre fabric and keeps it on!Contains antibacterial agentsOrder today! FREE FREIGHT when you spend over $250 online!*
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